Have you seen me?

230 lbs.
Reading glasses with black plastic frames. Short gray beard. Small flesh colored mole on right cheek, tooth immediately left of two front teeth is missing.
Gold tone watch worn on right wrist.

Revell was last seen between 1:00 p. m. and 2:00 p. m. at the butcher shop in the vicinity of Lincoln Way and S. 2nd Street in McConnellsburg, PA. Revell's cellular telephone and checkbook were found by police inside his trailer, which showed no signs of a forced entry, a struggle or blood. With all of his vehicles accounted for, Revell's all-terrain vehicle (ATV) was later located at a neighbor's house where it had been allegedly dropped off by rollback for repair. Meanwhile, Bubba (his dog) was found running around outside Revell's residence. Jeeter had moved to 12 acres in the Harrisonville area of Fulton County to enjoy his retirement. Those who knew him said he mostly kept to himself. He was known to participate in charity raffles, and he enjoyed going to flea markets, auctions and church bazaars. Jeeter hunted on Saturdays. A friend reported Jeeter missing July 21, 2003, after he did not attend a crab feed where he was expected. Initially, police and firefighters searched on foot and with a helicopter as they fanned out from Jeeter´┐Żs Buck Road property. In July 2010, a judge pronounced Jeeter dead. Foul play is suspected.

Pennsylvania State Police
(717) 485-3131


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