Have you seen me?

170 lbs.
Beard and moustache. Scar under chin, scars on each side of face along jawline,</br>scar on center of chin, birthmark on left side of jawbone, jawbone has damage and is only visible if X-rayed.
Blue T-shirt, blue jeans.

Dale was last seen in Nucla, CO. on May 27, 1999. In early July 1999 his pickup truck was found submerged at the confluence of the San Miguel and Dolores Rivers in Colorado. Its ignition was turned on, it was in gear, and the angle between the highway and the river was extremely sharp, and each detail seemed to indicate that somebody deliberately drove his pickup into the river. Dale Williams was a longtime resident, devoted husband, and father of two teenaged daughters. He owned and operated an auto body shop in Nucla. On the evening of May 27, 1999, when he failed to come home for dinner his wife, Diana, assumed he was busy at work, but by bedtime, she was concerned and by morning was shocked that he had never come home. She soon went to his auto body shop, and then to his mother's house; they searched around Nucla all day but found no trace of him,so they reported his disappearance to the police. Investigators learned that at around 12:15pm. on May 27, he made a brief stop at Tami Lowrance's office and was in a hurry.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation
(970) 248-7500


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