Have you seen me?

180 lbs.
Jim; Jimmy

James Britt was last seen in April 2011. Police conducting a well-being check on Britt found evidence suggesting he could have been harmed or injured. He owned properties and had a wholesale car business. He was not married and did not have any children. He had money in bank accounts that had not been touched since one of his work associates called his family to say he had not shown up as usual. Hea was mechanical engineer who bought old cars and restored them for sale. He worked with car dealers and auction businesses statewide and was frugal with his money. He carried his briefcase everywhere, and it was filled with titles to the vehicles he owned. That was missing, as were three of his cars. Police have recovered titles and vehicles, but the briefcase is still missing. Freddie Lee Hall, Jr. was arrested April 5 at his Palmetto home after a Portsmouth, Va. , grand jury indicted him on a charge of first-degree murder for the death of James Britt. Britt is thought to have been murdered and his body disposed of by Freddie Lee Hall. He was possibly rolled in tan, berber carpent. Freddie Lee Hall is from Palmetto, Fl and traveled there four days after Britt went missing. He has since been convicted of murder.

Portsmouth Police Dept.
(757) 235-0315


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