Have you seen me?

138 lbs.
Small black round scar on bridge of nose, scar approximately 2" long on left side of chest, black mole above upper lip on right side, slightlycrooked nose (previously fractured), crooked upper tooth between right front tooth and right incisor, double pierced ears, pierced navel.
Multi-colored v-neck capped sleeved shirt with horizontal stripes, light tan khaki capri pants, flip-flops.
Swirled blue and white curved barbell in navel; gold hoop earrings.

Sherry Milton was reported missing on August 15, 2005, after she disappeared from an outing with a friend in the Birmingham, Alabama area. On August 14, she was seen at about 2 a. m. as she drove away from an gas station in the Ensley area of Birmingham. Milton's friend has said that they were driving home on Interstate 20/59 in Milton's Ford Mustang when they exited in Ensley to get a book of matches. They stopped at an Exxon service station near the exit ramp at 19th Street and Avenue V Ensley. Milton's friend went in to get the matches, but when she returned Milton and her automobile were gone. Two witnesses at the gas station said Milton was begging her girlfriend to get in the car, but the girlfriend was mad and had called her husband to come get her. Milton used her cell phone twice after she disappeared from the station, calling her friend to tell her she would return. Thirty minutes after she disappeared, Milton called a friend in Montgomery and said she was lost. According to her boyfriend, David Burt, the last message he received from Sherry was on Sunday, around 2:30 a. m. Milton called Burt's cell phone about 10 times between 2 a. m. and 2:30 a. m. while she was in Birmingham.

Birmingham Police Dept.
(205) 254-6312


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