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180 lbs.
Lake wore black-rimmed glasses and he has a small scar on his chin. Dental records and fingerprints are available.

John Lake was last seen on the evening of December 10, 1967 in Manhattan, NY, after having dinner with an acquaintance. According to the acquaintance, he had several drinks when he dropped her off at her apartment in Midtown and began walking to a subway station to go downtown to his apartment in Greenwich Village. He was not seen again. John Lake was the sports editor for Newsweek Magazine at the time of his disappearance. Many of Lake's co-workers at Newsweek feel his disappearance was voluntary. He had been depressed for at least a year, due mainly to the deteriorating relationship with his wife and growing dissatisfaction with his job. Despite his high-profile position, he had struggled financially for years. More than a few of Lake's associates thought he just wanted some peace, although none seem to find suicide likely. His disappearance was investigated by the NYPD as well as Pinkerton Detective Agency

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